Web Ad Designs for Lachesis Publishing 

Nicodemus Dare was a

short lived on-line comic

strip I did for a Tales of

the Talisman site.

Not many folks saw it

​but it made me laugh.

​Photo Cakes, one for author, Carrie Vaughn's birthday, one, not so much 

Ads for Lemo-Napalm, a jalepeno spiked lemonade...and, no, I didn't make that up!

​Christmas card and assorted logos

Band Logo


Weird songs sung to Christmas tunes... Gruesome Carols

Author and artist giveaway cards for MileHiCon in Denver

All sorts of Postcards, patches and logos

Tee-shirt designs and a birthday card

​Sections divider pages for Crisis Averted

​I get requests to do all sort of things by all sorts of people.

People need logos for things...yeah, I can do that.  Folks want fliers, ads, posters, business cards, portraits, specialty gag items, gruesome carols, tee shirts, birthday cards, collectible cards, coloring books, photo birthday cakes...sure, bring 'em on!  I love challenges.  This page is all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Spot illos for a kids

​Steampunk book

​Business cards and more logos

​Pages for a tea themed adult coloring book

​Fantasy Portraits