​Christmas card and assorted logos

Nicodemus Dare was a

short lived on-line comic

strip I did for a Tales of

the Talisman site.

Not many folks saw it

​but it made me laugh.

Weird songs sung to Christmas tunes... Gruesome Carols

Author and artist giveaway cards for MileHiCon in Denver

​Fantasy Portraits

Band Logo

Web Ad Designs for Lachesis Publishing 

​Sections divider pages for Crisis Averted


Spot illos for a kids

​Steampunk book

Tee-shirt designs and a birthday card

​Business cards and more logos

All sorts of Postcards, patches and logos

Ads for Lemo-Napalm, a jalepeno spiked lemonade...and, no, I didn't make that up!

​I get requests to do all sort of things by all sorts of people.

People need logos for things...yeah, I can do that.  Folks want fliers, ads, posters, business cards, portraits, specialty gag items, gruesome carols, tee shirts, birthday cards, collectible cards, coloring books, photo birthday cakes...sure, bring 'em on!  I love challenges.  This page is all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

​Pages for a tea themed adult coloring book

​Photo Cakes, one for author, Carrie Vaughn's birthday, one, not so much